Personal Welfare Services

The Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO) is a UK wide charity, Registered Charity Number 1015581, which has a focus on delivering community and personal welfare services within mining and former mining communities.

The CISWO Social Work Service is focused on providing support and practical assistance of a health, financial and emotional nature to both individuals and groups . We provide a comprehensive home visiting service throughout the whole of the South Wales area.

The CISWO Social Work Team provides support at times of personal difficulty, benefits advice, help with independent living and information on health and disability issues. The social work service is able to access unique funding sources available only to mining beneficiaries.

To find out more about these services please view our promotional video and read through the case studies that follow.


Mr M is a 62 year old married ex-mineworker who has a number of health problems affecting his mobility. An assessment by a Local Authority Community Occupational Therapist resulted in the recommendation that he obtain a specialist chair to aid his mobility and to alleviate the symptoms of his conditions. Unfortunately, this was a piece of equipment which the Local Authority was unable to provide as it cost well in excess of £2,000. Mr M was unable to afford to buy it himself due to his modest income. Through a combination of grant assistance from the South Wales Miners Welfare Trust Fund Scheme and from CISWO nationally, we were able to ensure that Mr M had the equipment he needed, and in his own words “It has made a world of difference to my life, in a matter of days the swelling has gone down in my feet and legs. Without CISWO’s support and help, this wouldn’t have happened”.

Mr L is a 68 year old married ex-mineworker who lives in a privately rented house. At the time of contacting CISWO, Mrs L was on long term sick leave from her job and was soon to finish work on ill health grounds. Through working with CISWO, Mr and Mrs L received advice about their benefit entitlements and the options available to them to achieve these. After they had considered these options, CISWO helped them to make applications for Carers Allowance, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction which resulted in them being better off by over £150 per week. In addition, Mr L had been in receipt of Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit because of pneumoconiosis, for a number of years, but had never received compensation for the disease. CISWO were able to advise him of the avenues available to him and assist him to ensure that he received a lump sum payment for this disease.



Mr S is a 59 year old man who lives alone following the sudden death of his 23 year old son. Due to a number of health problems, he has been unable to work for a number of years and has seen a recent dramatic reduction in his level of income due to the implementation of welfare reforms. In addition to the emotional difficulties caused by his bereavement, Mr S was faced with a large funeral bill and had gone some way to meeting this through assistance from the DWP and a loan from a family friend, however there was still a large shortfall of more than £1,500 which, because of his low level of income, he had no realistic means of meeting. CISWO were able to help Mr S with a grant towards this amount and the remainder of the funeral costs were then met by the South Wales Miners Welfare Trust Fund Scheme.

Mr B is a 66 year old married man who, because of complications arising from Diabetes had to undergo an amputation of his leg below the knee. Although he was medically fit for discharge, the layout of his home and his family situation meant that the property was not suitable for his needs without adaptations being made, including installation of a stair lift. Although this is the responsibility of the Local Authority, they were unable to respond to his needs in time for discharge from hospital and were unlikely to be able to do so for some months. As Mr B did not need to be in hospital it was likely that he would need to be moved to a residential home until the adaptations could be carried out. To prevent this from happening, CISWO were able to work with the South Wales Miners Trust Fund Scheme who met the cost of installing a stair lift which enabled Mr B to be discharged to his own home and family environment.


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